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Bolchoï is a RASH oi band coming from Toulouse, France. They began forming the band in 1999, but first demo came out in 2000, and in the year 2002 they relesaed their first EP "Gueules Cassées" (Broken Faces) with Julien from BFM who was temporarily on drums. In the year 2004 they finally made their ST,we can say also that year was the end for Bolchoï. They appeard on the compilation Class Pride World Wide vol. 2, and also did cover song for Chaos (the 4 Skins), and Guns of Brixton from The Clash. After 2004 the band went their separate ways, still playing in other bands. The lyrics of the band were about the social point od individuals who were left behind connected with skinheads group identity. Their lyrics are also connected with anti-racism, anti-fascism, socialism and anarchism and were an active band at the French RASH scene\community helping with the Barricata fest and fanzines. One special thing about Bolchoï  is that they had a female vocalist. I will post only the ST, because almost all songs produced by them can be find on the album. Enjoy.


Bolchoi - Gueules Cassées

Bolchoï [2004]

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