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No Respect

No Respect is an anti-racist "skinhead" ska bend from Göttingen, Gremany.The band was founded on the roots of a (hardcore) punk band around 1994. Their first demo "The First Tape" was not ska but punk with some mixtures of "hardcore" and oi because they were mostly consisted with skinheads in the band. In years ahead of them they wanted to perfect a little more their music knowledge and to change their stlye so the band got a brass section (saxophone, trombone, trumbet) and relesead their first ska-punk known sound with the "Excuse My Smile" album in 1997. 2 years later another album "Tunes of Decline", shortly followed with their  "The Confidence" album in 2003. They did also 2 Splits with the Stage Bottle (which i can't find anywhere) and Hammerhai. The band did one more last album "Unadjusted", and they released it with 2 CDs one CD consists with live recordings. The band disbanded and did their last gig in 2008. in their home town along with their country similar music fighters Scrapy.
Singing on English, their music is a mixture of ska (influenced by two-tone), punk music, with strong anti-racist lyrics (Human Scum, No Nazis Friend), and some anarchist (Anarchy) ideals all incorporated into skinhead lifestyle, subculture (Rude and wild) about every day life and the working class (16 tons cover). My warm recommendation for someone who hasn't listened to them yet.

No Respect - No Nazis Friend

The First Tape [Demo 1992]
Excuse My Smile [1997]
Tunes of Decline [1999]
No Respect & Hammerhai - Die [1999]
Confidence [2002]
Unadjusted [2005]

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