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State of Alert

State of Alert is an oldschool hardcore\dischord band from Washington DC, USA. The band was formed in 1980 and disbanded in 1981, and have relesead only one EP titled "No Policy" and did 3 songs for a compilation "Flex your head". The band should be considered most famous because it was the first band of the Henry Garfield, later known as (aka) Henry Rollins from one of the most famous American and Hardcore bands in the world the Black Flag. Although the band didn't made that many shows (only 12) and relesead only one EP, they made an impact in their time on other hardcore bands like Negative A., and later Agnostic F.. After the split the members didn't quit music, they went on playing in other bands such as Faith, Iron Cross, Black Flag. The lyrics were dealing woth social problems, police, violence and one like Lost in Space that is talking against drugs (early sxe), although they weren't sxe. One more thing i would like to mention from a band that i like DC hardcore\oi 86 Mentality did a pretty good cover of their song Gonna Hafta Fight.

State of Alert - Gonna Have to Fight\Draw Blank\Public Defender

No Policy EP [1981]
I Was a teenage Pencil Neck Geek 7EP Bootleg [1980 Demo]

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