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Gavroche is a streetpunk\oi band from Santena (near Turin), Italy. The band started playing in the year 2004., and in 2005 they relesead their first work "Santena Oi!". 2 more releases in 2008 "Ragazzo Come Noi", and the latest, came out this month "Spettatori della Distruzione". Lyrics are dealing with oi topics and everyday life situations and problems. They were in Vrbovec (near Zagreb) Croatia along with Bull Brigade so i had a chance to see them live. One thing more i can recall is that their music is fast and filled with energy, so they put up a good show.Pic from Vrbovec (MP).

Gavroche - Gavroche

Santena Oi! [2005]
Ragazzo Come Noi [2008]
Spettatori della Distruzione [2010]

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