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8°6 Crew

8°6 Crew is a ska and skinhead reggae revival band coming from Paris, France. They were formed in 1995 and the name of the band is taken from a special kind of beer (8°6 Bavaria). First they were streetpunk, but later as they progressed the band wanted to turn more to ska and reggae sound. In the year 1998 the band relesead their first album "Bad Bad Reggae" under the german Mad Butcher Records. In 2001 they relesead an EP "Menil' Express" which is a more dub, reggae sound than BBR which is ska(punk), reggae and even oi combined. After doing some tours, the band took a long holiday in 2002. They reformed in 2008, but have had a lot of difficulties, as 2 members of the band died. Still they got on their feet finally in 2010, releasing a new album "Old Reggae Friends" dedicated to their past away members (the album came out a month ago, on the internet a day ago) and are ready for a new tour. This is definitely one of my favourite ska (skinhead reggae) bands and the album BBR is just a pure classic. The band will be coming to Croatia also, for the Skaville Winter Edition (the organisators outdone themselves this time). They will come to Zagreb and Split in frebruary 2011. See you there.

8°6 crew - Prohibition

Bad Bad Reggae [1998]
Menil' Express [2001]
Old reggae friends [2010]
Live In Schopfein

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