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Give'em The Gun

Give'em The Gun is an Oi!\streetpunk band from Moscow, Russia. They are members of the Moscow Trojan Skinheads crew. Formed in the late 00's, Give'em The Gun are a new band on the expanding russian scene. They made a Demo in 2008, and one split with the Minsk hardcore band Back2Back in 2009. Their songs deal with classic non-political oi topics (pride, city patriotism, football, unity), and have covered one Cock Sparrer tune. Although they are apolitical, they are antifascists and spoke openly about it in the Antifascist Attitude (documentary about the russian antifascism and problems with the neonazis), "this is punk rock, hardcore, the ska scene or whatever you call it. Here is a place for skinheads, punk and hardcore kids. Here is a place for everybody, but not for the people with racial and national prejudices." by the vocal.


Give'em The Gun - Runnin' Riot

Demo [2008]
Give 'em The Gun & Back2Back [2009]

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