nedjelja, 5. prosinca 2010.

Torino Puttana 3.12.

We were promised to see, "Brutal Oi!". The only thing brutal we saw in Turin was the unarrival of NS. This concert was supposed to be special. First because there was 26 of us (3 vans), never did so many people from mostly Zagreb and Ivanić gathered for an "away" concert. Second, we were looking forward to a match between Torino - Siena, and to meet with the guys from Ultras Granata, and third it was Non Servium.

We started our trip in friday morning from Zagreb. The beers were cold, rakija was bitter, the music was loud and the whole crew was ready for a great evening in Turin, Italy. The trip lasted for about 9 hours that pasted by really quickly, but then again, most of us were drunk so that explains it.
First thing that we heard when we came in front of the club\squat, that NS won't be preforming tonight neither in Rome. Their flight from Madrid was delayed because of some workers strike. That is the third time NS did not play in Italy. After hearing the sad story, we got picked up by a local one, who lives in Turin since 91' and is actully from Bosnia so we had a talk on our mother language, and had to get wasted to kill our sorrowness. We were not the only ones who traveled "far" from home just for the gig. Guys from Marseille(but that's pretty close to Turin) showed up, and some Swiss with our skingirl Croat friend from Bellinzona.The rest of the crowd were pretty much locals, and Italians. Some of us entered free, some for a 2 euro fee, to straighten for the lack of the main band.
First on the stage were Ennecibbi, which i never saw live before, but have listened to their music. They were full of energy, the crowd loved them and they made a pretty good impression on me too. The singa-alongs atmosphere on Il Giorno Vera, Storia trieste, Impazziamo, La mia birra where 30 skinheads in the front were shouting their ass out, was fairly a good display of the bands musical passion and more the passion of the locals and their\this scene.
In the break beetwen bands we had time to grab more beers which were starting to work. Some of us were singing on the microphone, some cheering, some even made friends with the Marseille crew, and promised to come to the Antifascist Festival in February in Marseille.
The next band was Bull Brigade, Turin's pride and champions. This is actually the 4th time i have seen them live, and i must say they never "get old". But the best part is to see them on their home turf, because of the crowd who are, you can say strong "Localpatriots". Singing songs like Construito A Torino, Dannato Pub, Strade Smarrite, Sulla Collina, cover Ultra Violence (the Oppressed) and they even dedicated one song for Croats who came, Birra (don't know why this song). Bull Brigade made some new songs, which did not impress me that much, we'll see when the whole album comes out.
All in all, the evening was not a complete disaster. After the concert we continued to drink. I brought some BBB stuff from Croatia for a friend were we slept the last time we were in Turin to thank him for the hospitality and some other stuff..We needed a place to sleep, and 26 is a lot for one guy to accept home so we  asked if we could sleep in the club. Our luck is, that one of the people "working" there is also a Croat, from Vukovar, so she secured us a roof on top of our head.
The next day, there was no match of Torino, beacuse it was delayed for Sunday, just our luck. So we explored the city a little bit, and got shelter in an University of Human Sciences of Turin. It was under blockade, because they want to privatise the University. Did some more drinking and socializing with the students and prepared for the trip home.
We returned to Zagreb safe and sound in Sunday morning, got a little problems with the vans, but all fixed, and waiting for new concerts, and especially Non Servium (the fuckers ain't gonna run away!).

NS official statement:
"As you may know, are suspended Non Servium Concert in Torino and Roma. The reason that on Friday 3, where we had to take the plane to Milan, all air traffic controllers in Spain went on strike. We were unable to fuck all types of aircraft. We tried to make the trip in a van in order to save the concert in Rome but outside, but due to snow, all roads were cut off from northern Spain and France.
From this group, we express our sorrow for what happened, we are keen to play in Turin and Rome, because it has already suspended other time, and we are a blow. Just say that on our part we have done everything possible to be there, but it was impossible.
We're talking to the organization of Torino (lonely life) and Rome (Rome rash), to set a date as soon as possible in order to make the concert, and to finally have that brutal night of Kaos and oi! we love so much.

Hoping to soon be in Italy, our apologies and greetings. ANTINAZIS FOR LIFE. NON SERVIUM"

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