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Ya basta!

Ya basta! is a french anarcho-syndicalist ska band. The name of the band is taken from a Zapatist slogan that means "Enough is enough". The roots of the band date to the year 1993, and were doing concerts from 1995, but not until the year 1999 when they recorded a Split with Action Directe. First album was released in 2002 "Lucha y fiesta", and two more "Toujours Debout" in 2004, and "Sans Retour" in the year 2006. They were also on various compilations like Class Pride World Wide. Their music should be characterized like Rock'n'Ska Activist as they say. 

Ya Basta! - Lucha y fiesta

Ya Basta! - Action Directe - [1999]   
Lucha y fiesta [2002]  
Toujours Debout [2004]   
Sans Retour [2006] 

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