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Project X

Youth Crew Finest! Project X was a hardcore\youth crew sxe band from NY City,USA. The band started as a project to release a compilation of unreleased hardcore from the early 80's for their fanzine "Schism". They had trouble with getting the rights, so they decided to form a band. So they were formed in the late 80's probably sometime close to 1987 when their only EP got out "Project X (Straight Edge Revenge)". The reason i call them the "Youth Crew Finest!" is that they were formed from members of best bands in that sort of hardcore genre\direction like the singer John Porcelly who was a guitarist in Youth of Today, Judge and few more, also the guitarist of the bend Alex Brown (Side By Side, Gorilla Biscuits), bass (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today) and drums (Side By Side, Youth Of Today, Judge). The band played very few shows obviously because they were only a project for a short term compilation, but still they made an impact on the scene and on their name. For comparison Flawless Victory russian\sxe band made a cover of their song Straight edge revenge, and their record is still selling on Bridge Nine.


Gorilla Biscuits - Dancefloor Justice (Project X)

Straight Edge Revenge [1987]

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