subota, 18. prosinca 2010.

Junk Messiah

"Oldschool or noschool". First Croatian band i'm posting will be Junk Messiah. They are a new hardcore punk band from Zagreb\Sisak.They rose from the ashes of xVaseline Childrenx which was an another great hardcore sxe band. They have an album called "The path of the snake" released in 2010. JM are a completely underground band, which is rare for the Croatian scene, that's why i like them, besides their great music. Also had a chance to talk with their vocal Pic so i had a first hand expirience how friendly they are.
Best way to describe their music as they say: "pissed children having sex with the Rites while listening to Ac/Dc and black flag. enough?"
Can't wait to see them live and how to get them in your town:
"so what's up with those messiah boys? nothing, just ask them and they will be glad to play some fine rockin' hc/punk tunes in your city...we require some gas money, something warm and vegan to eat, few beers and some cola for that two sXe guys in the band:-) we prefer D.I.Y. self run places with a cool non-macho, non-violent, atmosphere, no bullshit sexism and fascism of any that's it...see ya.."

Junk Messiah - Sick of you sick of me

All downloads are available on their site, for any problems, contact me.

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