utorak, 28. prosinca 2010.

Jerry's Kids

"Boston's Finest". Jerry's Kids is an early hardcore band coming from Boston, USA. Formed in 1981 with the first 6 song release coming on "This is Boston, not LA" hardcore punk compilation along with bands like Gang Green, The F.U.'s ect.. The band did their first LP in 1982 "Is this my World?" coming up with their classic influental and most recognized songs (Crucify me, I don't Belong, Build me a Bomb...). The band broke up in 1985 and shortly atfer that reunited in 1987 doing a "Kill Kill Kill" record in 1989, but sounding more like a faster dirty rock'n'roll band than their known hardcore punk sound. The band wasn't active any more, until the year 2004 when they regrouped again doing few shows a year around Boston. This is actually one of my favourite hardcore bands, hope you enjoy.


Jerry's Kids - 4 Rare Tracks in 1982

Is this my World [1983]
Kill Kill Kill [1989]

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