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"Back in the past". Antisocial is an Oi! punk band from Livingston, Scotland. They were formed in 1979 and produced their music through the "golden ages" of oi! music along with the names like the Business, Last Resort and the 4 Skins, until they disbaneded in 1982. During that time, the band released 3 EPs, and after that their entire "discography" was relesead on Captain Oi! records in 1995 "Battle Scared Skinheads". Lyrics are typical for that time, dealing mostly with social problems, rebellion, punk\oi scene and surviving every day life in England for the working class. After the split some members continued to work with music, in scottish bands like Exploited and  contemporary oi! band Bakers Dozen. The band has nothing to do with politics either left or right. I'll put only the Battle Scared Skinheads, because it contains all the EP songs. Enjoy.

Antisocial - "Made in England" EP

Battle Scarred Skinheads [1979-1982]

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