četvrtak, 30. lipnja 2011.

Trade Unions

Love the Italians. One thing is for sure, you'll find a vast and developed Oi! scene there with regular gigs with local support + abroad. Trade Unions is one of Italian local oi! bands, that aren't that famous abroad, but they have their audience in north Italy. The band was found in Livorno in the year 2004. They made 2 albums over the years, "Aumenta la rabbia" in 2005 and a brand new one few months ago "Acciaio, Salmastro E Sudore". They are a RASH band that can be read out from their name. Dealing similar lyrics about the proletarian - working class. Still going strong in Italy. Check them out.


Trade Unions - Spezza Le Catene

Aumenta la rabbia [2005]
Acciaio, Salmastro E Sudore [2011]

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