srijeda, 22. lipnja 2011.

Street Troopers

Fuck it, i have to much work to do, so i didn't get here to often, but still got plenty of bands to share. The Street Troopers came to my mind these days. They are an Oi! band from Montreal, Canada. Don't know musch about the band, because there isn't any information on the net and they don't have a page. It would be interesting to explore their relations with the Prowlers, as they fell apart about the time the Prowlers got together and they have the same themes and topics in songs, as well as the relation in Montreal, a fertile ground for Canadian Oi! bands like Jeunesse Apatride and the posted band Esclaves Salaries. Anyway they made a demo in 96' and made their only LP in 1997 "Take The Battle To The Street". Also a very rare EP in 98' "Montreal". They made a few appearances with best know that on Class Pride World Wide. Jeunesse Apatride covered their song "On the streets of Montreal" .  They have strong antiracist views, singing songs about life and problems on the street, unity and fights against nazis. Ofcourse the north east part of North America is very developed about these things. They also have few ska element songs like Jamaican Police and Ska Train which are very very good considering them not to be a ska band. The band is heavily underrated. Enjoy.

Street troopers - Traitor & Jamaican police

Demo [1996]
Take The Battle To The Street [1997]
Montreal [1998]

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