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Hour of the Wolf

I love finding new bands. The Hour of the Wolf is one of those bands that will shock your world once they get in your head. The band is formed sometime around 2005 in Arizona, USA. They aren't a typical hardcore band. As they say about themselves, the band is "Combining a sound that fits just as nicely next to the Misfits as it does Motorhead?" with a hardcore Black Flag biterness on top of all. They made 3 EP's "Power Of The Wolf" in 2006, "Waste Makes Waste" in 2007 and "Obsolete", also one Split with Lewd Acts and an LP in 2010 with Power of the Wolf tracks, few new and few covers under the name "Decompositions Vol. I". Watch out for them as they will turn you over with their mature riffs, sick lyrics and melodic sound. Enjoy.


Hour Of The Wolf - Eat You Alive

Power Of The Wolf [2006]
Waste Makes Waste [2007]
Obsolete [2009]
Decompositions Vol. I [2010]
Hour Of The Wolf - Lewd Acts - Split [2008]

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