srijeda, 8. lipnja 2011.

Mossin Nagant

Mossin Nagant is an Oi! band from Euskal Herria (Basque). They made their only album as far as i know in 2005 "Redskins sounds from Euskal Herria". Their sound is melodic Oi! made in Spain with a singalong sound. Songs deal class pride and similar redskin topics with an accent on Basque country (they covered one song on Nabat's melody to Laida Bologna, "Gora euskal herria!") . I doubt that the band is still playing, they aren't active on the net that's for sure. Too underrated. Enjoy.

Mossin Nagant - Recuerdos Del Pasado

Redskins sounds from Euskal Herria [2005]

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