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Aussitôt Mort - 6 Songs Cd

hello, again. i decided to make things easier. i will continue to post you cool punk bands for download from around the world but only with album reviews for now.

breaking the ice with a Caen, french screamo\post-hardcore band Aussitôt Mort. active since 2005 with several releases behind them. they tried to make some sort of emo doom music, but failed at the process. anyway this is not bad music, if you like slow melodic instrumental riffs with screaming vocals like on a medievil torture machine. for fans of Daitro, Amanda Woodward and other french "screams".
PS: the band put on their website discography materials available for download. that's punk. enjoy.

01 - Memoria Grigia
02 - Aussitôt Dort, Aussitôt Mort
03 - Une Once De Courage
04 - Le Desespoir Des Singes
05 - Dur Comme La Banalité
06 - Percuté

6 songs cd [2006]

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