srijeda, 12. listopada 2011.

Arctic Flowers & Spectres - Split

who would have thought, that to an "angry oi skinhead" something like this could get in a head. but the bands have real quality. i mean Arctic Flowers from portland. portland that's got to be somethnig with brain. yeah, and it is, you know for yourself that their punk scene and the bands are pretty impressive, i hope you do? so Arctic Flowers are bringing anarcho w\ post-punk w\ deathrock lyrics w\ female vocalist. i think that says something on a first ball. and the Spectres, the dark Vancouver british post-punk influenced. children of the Mob and Warsaw. depression is taking over with melancholic atmosphere. enjoy the split.

01 - Arctic flowers - Rats in walls
02 - Spectres - Pattern recognition

Arctic Flowers & Spectres - Split [2010]

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