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Negative Approach

I know, i'm lazy. Negative Approach is a influential oldschool hardcore band from Detroit, Midwest, USA. Ah, were to start. The band was formed in 1981 influenced by Detroit proto-punks the Stooges, the arrival of hardcore bands like the Necros and Black Flag mostly and the british punk and Oi! bands like the 4 Skins and Blitz. Their first gig was in a basement of the Necros drummer mother's house. They first mada an appearance on a compilation with Necros, Meatmen Process of Elimination compilation. After that they made their ST in 1982. Followed by a LP "Tied Down". That was all for NA before the band splited in 1983, there were some live recorded tracks and unreleased records issued on "Total Recall" and after the reunion "Friends Of No One" in 2010. After the split the vocal made a more garage rock band Laughing Hyenas, but in 2006 the band reunited to make some shows. Their harsh and raw style of playing live, pessimistic, nihilistic and real life in your face lyrics with an intimidated attitude on stage by the vocal Brannon made NA one of the most notable hardcore bands. Enjoy.

Negative Approach - Nothing

Negative Approach [EP 1982]
Tied Down [1982]
Total Recall [1992]
Friends Of No One [2010]

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